Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • > Do the Christmas houses include lighting?
  • All Christmas houses of Lemax are delivered including LED lighting. The lighting can be integrated in the house, but in most cases a battery box with a LED light is included that you can place behind or underneath the Christmas house. If so desired, a 4.5 Volt adapter can be easily connected to the LED light. Some Lemax houses come with a 4.5 Volt adapter already included. This is always indicate in the specifications of the product.

  • > No adapter or lighting has been included with my product, what now?
  • First check if lighting or an adapter should be included with the product. This will be indicated for each product on the site. Did you check but you cannot find it in the packaging? We get all our articles new from the supplier and they are sent to you unopened. The battery box with light attached or the adapter should be included in the packaging. Sometimes they are on the opposite side in the Styrofoam with a Styrofoam lid, which makes them difficult to spot (see picture below).

  • > Is there a Lemax catalogue of 2024 available
  • Unfortunately there is no catalogue available including all new Lemax items of 2024. Our full Lemax range is available in our web shop. Are you looking for the newest collection of 2024? Click here.

  • > Are you open throughout the year?
  • We are open from August till January

    • > Do you also have a showroom/store?
    • We have a beautiful garden centre where you can view our beautiful Christmas show from October each year. We are proud to say we have been nominated multiple time for the "Best Christmas show of the Netherlands” and that we have received this fantastic price once before! Of course it is also possible to collect your delivery at our store.

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